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Purchasing agents and officers purchase general and specialized equipment, materials and business services for use or for processing by their establishment. They are employed by medium-sized and large organizations throughout the public and private sectors. Purchasing agents purchase general and specialized equipment, materials or business services for use or for processing by their establishment. They determine what their organization needs to buy to keep functioning. They evaluate the requirements of their establishment and develop specifications for equipment, materials and services to be purchased. They also apply and sometimes help determine general purchasing policies. Purchasing agents then oversee the process of acquiring goods and services, by asking for proposals, consulting with suppliers and reviewing price quotations. Once they've gathered this information, they set contract terms and conditions, and award contracts to specific vendors. They set delivery schedules, track progress and contact clients and suppliers to correct problems. They provide information to other departments and suppliers regarding orders, and they may hire, train or supervise purchasing clerks. In large or specialty organizations, purchasing agents may specialize in purchasing particular materials or business services, such as furniture or office equipment.


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